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Descover the Danube Delta on board of the Marilyn boat

The Danube Delta (Romanian: Delta Dunării) is the largest delta in Europe and the best preserved on the continent. The greater part of the Danube Delta lies in Romania (Tulcea county), while its northern part, is situated in Ukraine. A very different place!

Situated on major migratory routes, and providing adequate conditions for nesting and hatching, the Danube Delta is a magnet for birds from six major eco-regions of the world, including the Mongolian, Arctic and Siberian. There are over 320 species of birds found in the delta during summer, of which 166 are hatching species and 159 are migratory. Over one million individuals (swans, wild ducks, bald coots, etc.) winter here.

The Dunabe Delta is an environment very rich in plankton, worms, mollusca, ephemerides, grubs, spongiae, with numerous species of fish, such as the carp, pike perch, sheat fish, and freshwater sturgeons (sterlet, Vyza, Danube mackerel).

The reed plats and floating reed islands (called plaur in Romania) are the most common and well known components of the Danube Delta. Vegetation of this ecosystem consists of common reed, and near river banks mace reed, sedge, Dutch rush, brook mint etc. They constitute ideal spawning and nestling grounds. The plaur is a mixture of reed roots, grass and soil, usually floating or anchored on the bottom. As a rule, the reed surrounds the lakes and ponds, slowly invading the water surface. This type of ecosystem is noted for the variety and large populations of birds, some of them very rare.

The Danube Delta is perhaps the least inhabited region of temperate Europe. In the Romanian side live about 15,000 people, of which 4,600 in the port of Sulina, which gives an average density of approx. 2 inhabitants per km². The rest is scattered in 27 villages, of which only three, all situated marginally, have more than 500 people.

Do not hesitate to descover the Delta’s wonderful landscapes on the board of the Marilyn boat, to navigate on Delta’s channels, to be amazed in front of an risen or sunset.

It is indeed a memorable experience!

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